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Fall Clean Up
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Services Autumn Arrow Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing
Our professional lawn crews are thoroughly trained to do one thing - make your lawn look great. Lawn mowing packages can easily be tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

Fertilizer Programs
We can help bring your lawn back to life with a specialty fertilizer and weed control program. Don't wait through another dandelion season! We can help today.

Sprinkler Service
Spring start-up to fall winterization, and everything in between. Overseeing your irrigation and sprinkler maintenance makes Good Guys your one-stop-shop for total lawn care.

Sidewalk Edging
Tired of seeing the grass creep over the edges of your sidewalks? Nothing looks better than a sharp cut down the edges of your lawn!

Core Aeration
Core aeration will allow nutrients and water to penetrate your grass readily - and really green up your lawn. This service is a must-have for anyone who is striving for total lawn health. What is core aeration?

Spring/Fall clean-up
Yes, we do the dirty work so that your lawn can look clean all summer long. We’ll cater your clean-up service to match your specific needs.
(limited availability, schedule early!)

Junk Removal
Is your lawn burdened with a growing brush pile? We’ll come by and haul off anything that’s causing you a nuisance! You name it: Junk, Brush Piles, the Ping Pong table you never got around to using – we’ll even get rid of that old refrigerator for you!

Shrub & Perennial Trimming
A manicured lawn requires every aspect to be in proportion. We’ll shape up your shrubs and trim back perennials to keep your beds stylin’.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding
We can safely remove problematic trees. Do you have a stump which has created a blemish on your beautiful lawn? We can grind it out for you!

Installation of landscape material, rock, soil, sod, boulders, etc.
Topsoil, compost, decorative stone, rock, mulch, sand, gravel, sod, wood chips - you name it, and we can bring it! View our landscape services here.

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