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Employment Opportunities

Lawn & Landscape Technicians

We are seeking responsible and hard-working humans to help manage and operate our growing landscaping company.

Besides being around other awesome humans, you'll also find attractive compensation plans with benefits, including retirement, health insurance, company-matched savings plans, and more!

We're not just a job; we're pioneering a movement.

Join our team to find out why.

To apply:

  1. Please e-mail your resume. Yes, we want to see your resume. It doesn't need to be fancy, and if you don't have one, just Google it and you should be able to figure it out. Please include references from prior places of employment. Character references are also permissible.
  2. After you e-mail your resume in, give us a few days to get back with you. We'll call you for a phone interview if we'd like to hear more.
  3. If your phone interview goes well, then we'll invite you to meet with us in person. At that time, you'll need to come prepared with some documentation, such as proper identification, a drug-test, background check, and a printed DMV report. Don't worry, we'll tell you how to acquire all these documents.

Sound like a hassle?

Yes, it's more foot-work than you are used to. But, what other landscaping company is offering you health care and retirement benefits?

We believe that if you want to receive something different, you should be willing to do something different.

If you agree, then we are very excited to hear from you. Apply today!

Fine Print:

  1. We are several miles from the nearest bus line, so you'll need to have reliable transportation.
  2. We have a zero tolerance policy on no-shows and late-shows. If you have found it difficult to get to work on time in the past, please consider this policy.
  3. We have a zero tolerance policy for smoking, swearing, and negativity (i.e. complaining, excuses). Please consider this policy as well.
  4. The nature of our work is physically demanding, so you must be physically competent.
  5. We are an equal opportunity employer.