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What makes Good Guys different?

(from the "other guys")

You may not know that we are one of the most progressive landscaping companies in our area. When you support Good Guys, you are supporting a company that believes in:

Health Care. We are enthusiastic to be the first landscaper in the area which offers this for staff of all levels.

A living wage! We are very excited to report that all of our full-time employees are paid above the industry standard. We invest in our employees to assure them that they are valued.

Savings Plan: Our savings plan allows staff to save right out of their paycheck. We offer a company matched contributions to encourage them to establish this excellent habit. It's a huge hit!

Financial Training: Once a year we bring in a local financial expert to instruct our staff in financial principles such as budgeting, debt reduction, saving, home-buying, and more. This 12-week course is one of the things we do over the winter to keep busy.

Retirement Planning: In 2017 we began offering a company matched 401k retirement plan. Thanks to this our employees have never felt more secure about their future.

Company Culture: We encourage a positive and uplifting work atmosphere, while curtailing negativity and sarcasm. Coming to work as a Good Guy has never felt better!

As you can see, by choosing the Good Guys you are supporting the first landscaping company in our area to offer such innovative, progressive and unprecedented programs for their staff. This translates to a happy, courteous, and productive staff working at your home.

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